Monday, July 20, 2009

Taisho - prelude and warning

Ritsuko is traveling while I'm staying behind to work. But yesterday was Sunday so I went to Taisho ward in Osaka - that's part of the harbour area - to take pictures. Lots of cool industrial facilities and harbour installations. I've yet to process the pictures so a full post will come later.

However, a timely warning about something I've forgotten: Clouds are not a good sun blocker. The sun will burn you even if it's overcast. My face, underarms and backs of my hands were crayfish red when I came back yesterday and I still look vaguely ridiculous today. Oh, and it hurts. At least I did use a hat part of the time so my face isn't as bad as the arms.

Takeaway message: Use long sleeves. Use a hat. Use sunblock. Even if it's cloudy and looking to rain.


  1. Herr Moren -

    I was leading a hiking trip on Sunday at sea level in the same weather conditions as you were experiencing in Osaka -- and did the same damn thing to myself.

  2. One would think that after 40 years of doing the same mistake, I would know it and remember it, right...

    Best part was holding a seminar last Thursday with skin flakes coming off my face and arms in a gentle snowfall. Good thing "weird bearded European guy" buys you a fair bit of slack...


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