Friday, December 31, 2021

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Winter pictures

This week hasn't been great. I mean, not lousy, but not great either. The tooth that broke in October was due to an old, old filling from when I was an early teen. I had a tooth break in a similar way several years ago, with a filling from the same time. 

And yesterday, perhaps because I could only chew on one side lately, another tooth with the same kind of filling broke in half. I'm looking forward to another root canal in January. I have one such filling left; I will make a point of having it replaced before it destroys another tooth for me. 

Take care of your teeth, and if you have some really old fillings, it might not be a bad idea to have a dentist take a close look at them before something happens.

Anyway, pictures. It's winter, though it's difficult to tell. It's the best season for going out and doing things, at least when the weather is nice. When it's not, I recommend a hot mug of coffee and a book at home.


Tomarin in Naha. This is where you take a ferry to other islands in Okinawa.


Some colorful graffiti on the seawall near Parco City.



A wildflower near the gas electricity plant.


Father and son out fishing on a pier in Ginowan.


A snack bar in Ginowan along road 58.


A sanshin shop behind a bus stop right between Ginowan and Chatan.

Kariyushi hotel in Naha seems to be renovating the rooms.

Archery competition in Onayama park, Naha.