Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Valentine's Day

Like very year, Ritsuko managed to find me something a little special for Valentine's Day. As you probably know, in Japan it's split into two holidays (probably so shops can sell more stuff ^_^) : on Valentine's Day women give a present to men; and on White Day a month later men reciprocate with a gift to women. 

I've received some really cool chocolate-themed gifts from Ritsuko over the years. My all-time favourites have been the Jurassic chocolat and the chocolate tools. This is what I got this year: 

A box of chocolates. And a camera!

A box of chocolates. Specifically, a metal box in the shape of a medium-format TLR, containing chocolates packaged like 35mm film. Really cool, and the chocolate is delicious too. Now, should I keep the metal box to keep stuff in; or do I convert it to a pinhole camera? Both are tempting — the box would be perfect to store film-related stuff; but just imagine taking an actual picture with this! Decisions, decisions...