Monday, August 6, 2012

World Press Photo - A Reminder

World Press Photo is a competition for the best press photography of the year. The winning images go on world tour, and we go see it every year when the exhibition is held in Osaka. It's a great variety of images and not everything is great, but the best ones are very articulate about their subject matter as well excellent images in their own right. It's well worth seeing if you have the chance. And you should have; they actually tour several copies of the exhibition the world over so chances are good it gets somewhere close to you.

In Osaka it stops by over the O-bon holiday each year, making it extra easy to catch. This year it's held from August 7 — that's tomorrow — to August 16, in Umeda. Here's the Osaka exhibition page, and here's all upcoming exhibitions. If you like photography it's worth a visit.

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