Friday, August 31, 2012


Summer is soon over. I'm taking my summer vacation late, and we're going to Hakodate for three nights beginning tomorrow. The plan was that it'd be pleasantly cool by now; as it turns out it's still almost 30° there, so while it's better than in Osaka it's not by much.

Meanwhile, here a few shots from a day trip we did to Akashi Kaikyo Õhashi earlier. Spectacular bridge.

Akashi Kaikyō Ōhashi
Akashi Kaikyou Õhashi - Akashi strait Great bridge. And great it is, absolutely huge close up.

Shōgi players in the shadow of the bridge. The foot of the bridge is a park of sorts, with seaside walks, museum and exhibition and so on. There's quite a lot of people around, including a group of elder men that spend their time smoking and playing Japanese chess in the cool breeze and shadow under the bridge span itself.

Akashi Kaikyō Ōhashi
Inside the bridge span. The span is huge, with another dedicated roadway inside for repairs and emergency vehicles. And there's a covered walkway inside, leading to a observation deck complete with cafeteria and souvernir shop.


  1. Hope you're having (had) good vacations. Enjoy them!
    Certainly a good moment for disconnecting.

    Weather and climate change does it's thing over here in Spain. A week ago there was a "Minor" heatwave.
    I'm on a coastal town and for two days it's been cool. After evening, temperatures are dropping under the 18º mark, with a cool breeze. So, we've passed from true summer temperatures to cool autumn ones; in a few days.

    That bridge is a great piece of engineering; Japanese are reknown for that anyways.

    Spanish have a very good building industry, with some great contractors. However, there was a huge building frenzy (economic bubble) and it's very tough here.
    And the gov't has been interested in building lots of High-speed railways, many going to nowhere, and airports that have been built and haven't got planes!
    Spain is a case worthy of study.

    We do have sun, beaches, good wine and paella, though.


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