Friday, August 13, 2010

So Quiet

It's Obon, when most Japanese take time off and hit the road to go back to their hometowns, see old relatives and visit the family grave. Which means that out there is a circus of backed-up traffic, overflowing trains and frayed nerves right in the hottest part of summer, with the first typhoon of the season making landfall across half the country. But in here it's cool, it's still, and it's so very quiet.

Sleep, Crowd


My mornings normally look something like the shot at the top. The picture at the bottom is from yesterday. Practically empty.

The reason being, I'm the only one at the office today. There's a couple of heavy deadlines breathing down my neck, so I'm not taking any time off this year. A lone doctoral student was working over in the common room yesterday, but today I'm all by myself.

This suits me just fine right now. I like having people around, but when alone I can sit and argue loudly with myself, play music when I feel like it, and generally act out. It helps me focus when I'm stressed, and right now I need all the focus I can get.

I miss Obon, though. Last year we saw the World Press Photo exhibition, dried our homemade umeboshi and went up Rokko mountain in Kobe for sightseeing and dinner. No such fun this year.

Out to Dry

I did manage to help Ritsuko spread out the umeboshi to dry this morning. And we'll be meeting friends for dinner tonight, so Obon's not all devoid of fun this year.

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  1. Goof for you that you don't miss Obon that much^^

    A few days ago my boyfriend and me watched the slideshow of all of your photos..they are so beautiful and you are such a talanted photographer :3


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