Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Everyone loves summer sunsets, with their riots of reds and yellows flowing across the sky. But when the sun has set comes dusk, that dwindling twilight as evening turns into night. It's never attention-grabbing the way the sunset is, but the cool blue colors give the mundane streets an otherworldly, almost magical quality.


Sakaisuji and Honmachi, right where I take the subway every day.


Office workers are rushing home by bike as the sun disappears.

Izakaya Dinner

A group of friends are having a simple dinner at an improvised table outside a back-street izakaya.

On the Phone

An office worker on the phone while waiting for his ride near Honmachi.


Our very convenient convenience store.


A robata restaurant sign, caught just as the intense blue dusk starts fading to black.

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