Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Fruits

We're done putting stuff in jars. New this year is pickled ginger and blueberry liqueur. The ginger is ready to eat already - and it is delicious - though it will keep for a year. The blueberry liqueur needs about eight weeks like this before we remove the berries (we'll make jam with them) and let the liqueur sit for another month or two to stabilize. We still need to dry the umeboshi and let them soak, so they'll take another couple of months as well.

The brandy umeshu needs to sit for at least a year. But at the rate we drink the stuff - we're still on the last of the umeshu from two years ago - I guess it'll take up to three years before we open this jar. The flavour should be pretty spectacular by then.

This Year's Produce

From left: umeboshi with shiso (two jars); ginger pickled in salt (two jars) and in umeboshi juice; brandy umeshu; umeboshi; blueberry liqueur.

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