Sunday, July 18, 2010

High Summer

The rainy season - tsuyu - is over, with a drawn-out, if not very impressive, thunderstorm on Friday. We're getting into high summer now; it was 34 degrees yesterday, and as I write this it's already 35 degrees today. I kind of prefer tsuyu over high summer myself - it's a bit cooler and if I'm getting soaked in any case I prefer rainwater over sweat. Besides, there's no typhoons and no locusts during tsuyu, another bonus. As it is, we'll jsut have to suffer through it.

Will I annoy everyone with complaints about the heat all the way to mid-October? You bet I am. Will I be just as irritating next year? Count on it. If there's one thing I really don't like about living here, this is it.

JR Osaka

JR Osaka station. First day of high summer, and it's getting hot.

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