Friday, January 29, 2010

Team Komei

Ikoma had an election to the city council recently, so there's been a few new election posters around. This is a recent one from New Komeito:

Komeito Poster

"The Very Closest to you, Moving, Working. Team Komei 3000"

Now, perhaps it's just me, but frankly, the slogan on the right is a bit creepy: "The Very Closest to you, Moving, Working". What, "Closest"? As in, crowding people on the train? Showing up at home? And "Moving"? Can I expect to stumble over some oily Komeito candidate circling around my feet like some giant, insane suit-wearing cat when I try to get to the bathroom one morning? I can't say it inspires me to vote for them. It does make me want to put up some giant flypaper, perhaps, or maybe there's some kind of spray that'll keep them away.

The slogan on the bottom, "Team Komei 3000", is a bit touching on the other hand. "Now, we don't want our slogan to become dated, like all those 'Whatever-2000' ones did once the century turned. Better make sure we have a bit of a margin". I like the optimistic naivete implied here, that your party will actually be around a century from now, never mind a millennium.

Anyway, I guess the parties try out slogans and the like in local elections before they appear nationally. Just a hunch, but I suspect this one won't make it.


  1. May Our Man humbly refer you to the poster in his hood:

    They are all around. Closer. Closer. Closer than you think.

  2. Agh, I completely missed that post. I wonder how. And a better take on it too...


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