Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Hokkaido (again)

I'm off to Hokkaido yet again, next week. This time it's work though; there's a three-day workshop on neuroscience and neurocomputing and we're presenting a couple of posters on our work so far. This workshop is held twice a year and I attended last summer too. It's a fairly informal meeting so it's easy to talk with people and learn about what other groups are doing.

The venue for the winter workshop is Rusutsu, a large winter sports area in Hokkaido. Which sounds glamorous and all, but I'll be bunking in a cabin with five other, completely unknown, people, and I'll be too busy to have any time for any actual skiing. Also, this is a resort-type of place so there's no internet in the cabin, and I can't be sure there's a connection available at the workshop either. On the upside it gives me some truly free time to work on stuff without distraction.

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  1. Hey Janne,
    I stumbled upon your blog while looking up some stuff on the yashica !
    Youre photos taken with the yashica are very beautiful im so jealous!
    My Dad just gave me his old yashica he had when he was a lad and im still figuring out how to work it. Everything came out blurry my first roll. but maybe that was just because it was tarnished film..or so i say to reassure myself!



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