Monday, December 14, 2009


Yay, a completely free Sunday! It's been hectic lately, with work, the JLPT test and all, so I decided I'd take this Sunday off. I would not read any research papers, not study Japanese, not even check my email (well, not a lot). I could develop some film, I could read a book, I could snuggle with my wife, I could ...
"The building fire inspection is next week so we need to tidy up the balcony. And it's New Year in just a few weeks so we might as well give the balcony a thorough cleaning while we're at it."

... I could spend the day scrubbing a year worth of grime off the air conditioners, the bay doors and the walls, I guess.

Now it's Monday morning. My shoulders and arms ache whenever I move. My hands are still red and swollen from the cleaning liquids, and they hurt from scrapes, cuts and abrasions - plaster looks good, but it's like cleaning rough sandpaper. I'm happy to be back at work again, where the most physical thing required of me is to occasionally lift my coffee cup.

I did get to develop a roll in the morning, though. We had a wonderful mushroom pasta for dinner. And the balcony looks great.

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