Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Work

We're back from Hokkaido. We came home late last night and only did the most pressing things (like putting away all the salmon, squid, sausages and cheeses we've bought) before collapsing in bed.

Today is a work day for me, and tomorrow is the first day of the New Year holidays, which last until monday next week this year. We have a single monday workday before a week off, in other words, and needless to say, the department isn't exactly a buzzing hive of frantic activity today. There's a grand total of three students in the main room, and none of the other postdocs or faculty have yet to show up. Most of them have taken the day off, of course.

Me, I have a poster and a presentation to prepare for next month, and I've yet to finishn the modeling I was hoping to have done by then. So I work today, and I expect to plod away at it over the holiday as well.

I have plenty to do, there's a big pile of pictures to go through, and two rolls of film to develop and scan. Don't expect quick, complete Hokkaido holiday coverage here in other words.


Japanese crane, Hokkaido. Quick train shot.

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