Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Typhoon Season

Typhoon 1 and 2, Japanese Meteorological Agency
Typhoon #1 and #2
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The Golden Week holiday marks the end of early summer, and true to form we now have the season's first two typhoons emerging in south Asia. #1 is south of the Japanese islands, and #2 is southeast of Vietnam. Neither is going to make landfall here (one will stay in the south, one will pass by far east of Honshu), but it means the early summer is ending and the rainy season is coming up.

Last year we didn't have a single typhoon hit this area. It's unusual but not unheard of. We're not likely to be as lucky again this year I think. Fortunately we live in a major city so we could live and work here more or less indefinitely without ever having to actually go outside.

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