Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cellphone Dependency

Stereo Cellphone
Stereo Phone

Some fun stats in Asahi Shinbun about cellphone dependency here in Japan in the paper. No, not "do you have a cellphone" - that's close enough to 100% not to matter - but where you bring your cellphone.

The highlights are, I think, that over 90% have their phone next to their bed as they sleep; over 50% bring their phone to the toilet; almost 50% have it next to them as they eat; and almost 20% take it to the bath.

I do wonder how those numbers are skewed by the fact that a lot of people use their phone as alarm clock (we do at home), and that whenever you go to the bathroom at work or outside you bring your pants - and the cellphone in its pocket - to the bathroom with you by default.
Oh, and the survey says that 48% of university students secretly use their cellphone during classes. It may be right but a bit misleading; from my experience here the other 52% simply don't bother hiding it.

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