Friday, May 1, 2009

Golden Week is here

Golden week, the spring holiday, is here again. It's not one holiday, but a series of back-to-back one day holidays. We had emperor Showa's birthday last Wednesday, Constitution Day on the 3rd, Greenery Day on the 4th, and Children's Day the 5th. The 3rd is a Sunday, but fortunately Japan has this delightful custom where, if a public holiday falls on a weekend, the day off is shifted to the next available workday. I could only wish that Sweden had a similar tradition.

Anyway, it means we're off work from tonight up through Wednesday. The way the weekend falls this year we're working yesterday and today; next year and the next after that the weekend will fall neatly into the three-day gap and probably create a whole uninterrupted week of holidays for a lot of people. We'll go to Kobe to eat (not a major surprise to anyone) and we'll go out to dinner with a couple of fun relatives. Other than that we have no plans to do anything, which suits us just fine.

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