Monday, August 18, 2008

Osaka Fireworks

We were invited by Ritsuko's cousin and her husband to their place to see the Yodogawa Hanabi Daikai, a large fireworks display held on the shore of Yodogawa river. It was raining a bit and their apartment building is a fair distance away from the river but we still got good views with the city as a backdrop. A few more images available here.

I love this city.

Osaka seen towards the West. The bright area to the left is Namba, the south center of Osaka city, while the area to the right is the northern center of Umeda. Straight ahead you find the harbour area (in the full-size image you can see the three Ferris wheels at each of these places).

The panorama is ten shots stitched together with Hugin. The full size image is large - about 10k pixels wide - so I don't want to link to it directly; if you really want to see the full size go to the photo page here, then click on "Original" up to the right.

Osaka castle
Osaka castle at night, surrounded by the city.

The Ominous Tower
View towards Umeda and Yodogawa just as the fireworks start.

Fireworks Fireworks



  1. Those are some great photos of my favorite city in Japan! Very well done!

  2. Thanks! They were fun to take too.

    It used to be, I started taking pictures to illustrate my blog; now it's more often than not the other way around...


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