Sunday, December 2, 2012

JLPT, Tokyo

So, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test has once again come and gone. Subjectively a bit easier than last year, I think, but I doubt I'll have passed anyhow. Grammar isn't my strong suit. In fact, if grammar was a suit, I'd be naked1.

A bit of extra stress this year, as I need to be in Tokyo from Monday morning for a three-day international symposium2. So I came home after the test only to pick up my bag, then head back out to Shin-Osaka station and the Tokaido shinkansen. Three days is a fair amount of time away from work and from Ritsuko. The event is held at Tokyo International Forum, which will hopefully have decent wifi, so at least I'll be able to keep in touch and perhaps also get a bit of work done during less relevant presentations.

#1 Yes I know; 'suit' refers to a suit of cards. But that doesn't make for a silly joke.

#2 What's the difference between a symposium and a conference? None, today, but symposium sounds more academic. To me it also suggests a smaller event, with a higher proportion of speakers to attendees.

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  1. Compared to the July test, I thought the vocabulary was a bit harder, the grammar was much harder, the reading was easier, and the listening was probably about the same. I also doubt that I passed this time.

    I really enjoy your blog, photographs, and your general take on life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world.


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