Monday, February 6, 2012


I've been posting very rarely lately; I apologize for that. Got a dozen half-written posts that I never found the energy to finish. I've mostly neglected the books I'm in the middle of reading and I haven't baked anything for the past couple of months. Haven't taken much interest in photography either, lately. This listlessness will eventually pass, though, and I will pick up this blog and my other interests again.

But I haven't been completely inactive. Here's some winter shots of Osaka, using the new Kodak Portra 400 film and the Rollei 35. It's been a grey, depressing and bone-achingly chilly winter. This week has been worse than most. But perhaps the spring is no longer so far off.

Waiting for spring. Umeda, Osaka.

Yellow Gingko leaves along Mid┼Źsuji boulevard. Beautiful in a way, but wet and chilly.

Cold, miserable rain. Perfect time for a coffee break. Nagai, Osaka.

Nails Done While Waiting
Nail salon, JR Umeda.

JR Umeda
JR Umeda station. The sun and the warmth will return.

Bonus giraffes:

Giraffexcavator in Umeda.

Giraffe mural on a parking tower corner overlooking a school in Minami Senba, Osaka.


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  2. @oilyfanten, yes, Ginkgo trees are pretty spectacular. Midosuji street is great, and Osaka castle park is dazzling in autumn.


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