Monday, February 13, 2012

Two of Two

We saw Nakajima Miyukis musical "2/2" this weekend. Nakajima Miyuki is a very popular Japanese singer and composer with a long career. Every few years she skips her usual concert tour and sets up a musical of sorts instead. They run in smaller venues and later in the evening to cater for a more grown-up audience. This was apparently the third time she did "2/2", with new music numbers and tweaked story.

The story itself is simple: girl meets boy; girl flees to Vietnam after nervous breakdown and gets hit by a bus; boy searches for girl and finds out she is actually a twin whose sister died at birth and now haunts her to avenge her death; everybody assembles in dingy Vietnamese hotel for epic showdown, explanatory songs, forgiveness all around and a happy ending.

The music is excellent; she has a powerful voice and the songs are really well written. I may have to get the album. Cool sets, competent performers and they made good use of stage magic for things like a spooky mirror and to have Nakajima seemingly in two places at once on stage, playing both herself and her dead twin sister. "Very kabuki" as Ritsuko put it. The very final epilogue scene was a little much but an excellent evening all around.

There's no video on Youtube from the "2/2" musical or most of her famous numbers but here is a video of another of her songs:

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