Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The JLPT results are in, and I didn't pass. But it was close — 94/180 points, just six points from the passing score of 100. I had very nearly the same score on all sections so I'm not particularly lacking in any one area. With proper test preparation I would likely have passed it. So, beginning in April or thereabouts I will temporarily shift my studies towards the JLPT and then take the test either in July or in December.

It's not important for me to pass level 1, but it'd be nice to have it done with, and having my Japanese documented could come in handy some day.

To The Test
It's morning and people are assembling at the test site in Osaka university.

Halfway break, and people are discussing the test so far.

Osaka University
Pond at Osaka University.


  1. I remember being impressed that you diligently read Miyuki Miyabe's long pseudo-documentary novel "Reason" in Japanese, so sorry to hear you didn't pass. But happy to hear that you're close and I'm sure "you'll get 'em next time".

    Also, I go to Osaka U. every week for work so nice to see those photos, especially the tree and the pond.

  2. I'll get it; not worried about that. A quick linear estimation with earlier years results show that I should get about 97 points this July and 102 points in December even without any test prep.

    I'm reading Miyabe Miyukis "Kasha" right now. It's another fun read; and it is either a fair bit easier than Riyuu or I have gotten better at it. My main problem with Miyabe is that she writes new books faster than I can read them...


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