Saturday, November 28, 2009

Revenge Served Cold

Off-topic and of somewhat dubious veracity, but if it's true it's too cool not to share: It seems that the son of a certain Michael Young inherited a substantial sum of money from his father. The father was an old-time bigot, a mean-spiritedly religious misanthrope and heartily disliked by his son.

So now the son is donating his fathers money, in small sums, to any and all causes opposing everything his father stood for: Revenge is sweet


  1. Hi, I read about your Laka Akan and other surrounding lakes post through search. I am planning to go to those lakes but i do not have a car. I would be glas if you can teach me how i can go to those areas through public transport. Please contact me at andrewboey[at] if you can help me. Thanks

  2. Hi, I read about your earlier post regarding Lake akan and other lakes and I hope that you can help me to gt there as i dont have my own transport. If you are willing, can u contact me at andrewboey[at] I cannot find any method to contact u except throught this. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    I have no clue how to get there with public transport. We stayed at a very good youth hostel that offers a tour/transport service to its guests. Your best bet is to contact the Hokkaido tourist bureay; they're certain to have comprehensive information agout this in English.


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