Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It may be the stress of a new job and a new project or it may simply be the approaching spring, but I'm feeling restless. Jittery. Ants in my pants. Irritated. Grouchy. Irascible. Out of sorts. It's hard to stay focused, and difficult to sit still. Even small setbacks and problems get to me and makes me grumpy. It's very annoying - and that just makes it worse of course. Ritsuko of course suffers from it, unfortunately, much as I try not to have my current mood affect her. My Japanese studies suffer, and this blog certainly does too. If you wonder why I don't get in touch, or why I've been letting this blog slide, then this is the reason for it.

At my previous job I had a good 40 minutes by foot to the train station every evening. The station is much closer from NAIST, so I'm not really getting that daily exercise any more; I wonder if that's not a part of this. I mean, I really feel restless, like I should be exercising or something. This, for the record, is highly abnormal. I have almost forty years of practice at not exerting myself more than absolutely necessary; you'd think I'd be pretty good at it by now. Anyway, I may try to make a habit of a lunchtime walk and see if that helps.


What, Me Worry?

Kind of pathetic, by the way, when I do a self-portrait and I still manage to surprise myself with the flash...


  1. I tried that "exercise" thing yesterday, but I think I'll keep it to a couple of days a year, if today is going to be representative of the days after.

    *switches browser*

  2. I've gotten into the habit of walking a fair distance every day over the past couple of years, and not doing so does seem to make me frustrated and jittery. I took a long walk the next day, by the way, and my foul mood just vanished.

    I don't count walking as "exercise", by the way; that is a horrible word involving special clothes and a lot of sweating.


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