Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The winter is finally coming to an end. Herewith, an excuse to post a lot of otherwise unremarkable pictures.


We got cherry blossoms, which means it's spring no matter what the thermometer may say. In this case an early flower on a cherry tree outside the small temple almost next door on Nagahori street.


Winter is too cold for fountains, but they get started up in spring. Here's a small water fountain taken with really short shutter speed; you may want to click the image to see it larger. The frozen water turns almost metallic-looking.

Tsukushi Picker

Like every year, we went out into the countryside to pick tsukushi. It's a weed, growing along ditches and embankments, but if you pick these stalks and sauté with sake and soy sauce you get an amazingly good, savoury side dish that goes well with rice.

The Wall Lantern Bamboo Old Neighborhood

A few vertical shots around the area of Housono and Seika.

Rural Kansai

Of course "rural" is relative. This area was actually incorporated as its own city just a year or so ago, and the farm house neighborhoods are like small islands in a sea of modern single-family homes, like pieces of chocolate in a spread of vanilla ice-cream. Most people don't work around here but commute daily to Kyoto or Osaka.

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  1. *switches to IE*

    The fountain outside the university here actually runs all year round. In the winter, it turns to a pretty strange-looking ice sculpture.

    And the pictures – they might be unremarkable to you, but to the rest of us it can be a glimpse into life somewhere far away, and I just wanted to say it's an appreciated element of your blog.

    *switches back to Opera*


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