Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pictures and Email Trouble

No, I'm still not done with the Hokkaido pictures. As always I have hundreds of pictures, only a couple of handfuls which are really worth keeping. Thing is, I usually know fairly well which ones it'll be already when I take them; I'm drowning myself in pictures I know won't be any good just on the off-chance that one or two of them might turn out to be anything to keep. Nobody is happy with the glut of images, not me and not anybody else.

I need to start doing things differently - slow down and think it through before I start jumping on the shutter button like an overexcited ten-year old. The trouble with digital is of course that it is so very easy to take a lot of pictures with no real limits to hold you back. Film on the other hand is too cumbersome, with no direct feedback on what you did. And you either leave the film processing to a lab - leaving half the creative process in the hands of somebody else - or you process yourself, which means lots of smelly chemicals and piles of processing and scanning equipment, all in need of a separate room to mess with it. Not really sure what to do about this. I'd give medium- or large-format photography a go, but I can't go the film route, and digital large format costs a freaking fortune.


In a separate bit of news, my Lund University email address has been acting up for the past week, refusing to let me log in. I could try to resolve it, but frankly I haven't actually been a member of the university for years now, so I've been pushing to move over to a different address for some time, telling people to use a different account and so on. I think I will just let the email address lapse.

But that means that if you still use my old email address ("jan.moren at"), then it is high time to forget it and use either of my two current ones. My home, and main, email address is "janne" at "". That would usually be the best place to send things. The alternative is my "jan.moren" at "" address; that's the one I'd use whenever I travel. I check both often so either is fine.

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