Thursday, February 7, 2008

Apologies, with Green Chocolate

I need to apologize. When we got married on Friday I sent emails to everybody who could be personally interested in the event. As it turned out however, my incompetence (no technical glitches to blame here) caused some of those emails to never be sent off properly. Fortunately most of those affected apparently watch this blog now and again and got in touch when they saw it here. Again, very sorry. Feel free to beat me up with blunt objects next time we meet.

On a lighter (greener?) note, Valentine's day is just a week away now, and candies and chocolates are popping up on store shelves like mushrooms after a storm. For inspiration, we found this in the supermarket just a while ago:

Green Chocolate
Green, tea-flavoured chocolate. Tastes pretty good; if you like matcha ice-cream you'll like this too. I prefer the ice-cream, overall.

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