Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sorakuen Garden

I'm on my way to Okinawa and OIST where I'll spend a few days working with the other people in my group. Internet meetings have been surprisingly effective, but sometimes you do need to sit down face to face and work directly with each other.

Meanwhile, here a few autumn pictures from the Sorakuen Garden in Kobe. I had no idea this place even existed, and we only stumbled onto it while on our way to dinner recently. It's a small oasis of peace and quiet close to the city center. Well worth the small admission fee to get away from the noise and bustle for a little while.

Autumn is here. My favourite time of year — yes, really. I like the sense of melancholy and quiet. I don't even mind the rain.

The Sorakuen garden pond. All the city noise outside is muted, and the garden turns mysterious and otherworldly at dusk.

The pond and a small tea house.

Sukiyaki is perfect winter food when it's cold and wet outside. You simmer sliced beef and vegetables in a hot pot, then dip the slices in beaten egg in your own bowl as you eat. It's simple to prepare, tastes great and works nicely for groups. This was at a dinner party by one of our relatives.

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