Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Once again I did the Japanese Proficiency Test, and I just barely missed. With 97/180 points it's three points better than last year and only three points from a passing grade. This is a better result than I expected. 

Work and private life forced me to drop my Japanese studies altogether for six months, and starting a new job gave me no time to study for the test. I'm just happy I didn't do worse than previous years. Next year perhaps.


  1. That's close, better luck next time!

    Any recommendations of books or strategies for JLPT? I have most of the 新完全マスター books for N1, but I've never taken the test so I don't have any feeling about their coverage (and to be honest, I haven't used the books much yet either). I'm planning to take N1 next time around.

  2. Well, any recommendations are bound to be suspect as I haven't actually managed to pass myself yet :)

    The problem really is that N1 just covers too much to study for in a specific way. There is no actual vocabulary or grammar list for instance; pretty much anything in current use if fair game for the test designers.

    A book like the one you mention can be a good help to hone specific bits that you lack. But I'd say the best approach is probably to take example tests and read and write as much as you can. Get as much exposure as you can to real language patterns.


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