Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Pictures

Here's my pick of pictures from last year, with one picture per month. Well, more or less; with film scans I often don't know or remember the exact date a picture was taken. Each image is at least guaranteed to be close to the intended month. Also, I still have rolls from December still waiting to be scanned, so the selection for the last month is a bit limited.


EEG recorder demonstration. Lots of work throughout the year, and frustratingly little tangible progress. That happens.


A Fossil
Valentine's day, and Ritsuko gave me the single most amazing Valentines chocolates possible. A white-chocolate fossil, covered in chocolate gravel and hard chocolate crust, with actual tools — spoon, brush and hammer — to dig it out myself. Blog post with the whole series of pictures: Jurassic Chocolat.


Umeda Back Street
March was a bad, bad month for a lot of people, with a millennium-level disaster hitting northern Japan. Osaka was not physically affected but of course a disaster this scale has profound effects on the entire country. Here a side street in Umeda, chosen in part because of the mood.


Kita-kun of American Shokudo. Spring is coming and it's finally getting a bit warmer at night.


Ishigaki Harbour
We went to the Yaeyama islands in Okinawa for the Golden week holidays. The sea and the views are fantastic, though the weather was more than a little unsteady. This is Ishigaki harbour at dusk.


June, and I'm back in Okinawa, but this time at OIST and this time for work. I was tutoring the OCNC computational neuroscience course. Here a tutor and a student in an argument.


Have A Seat
Mikage station. On our way for a birthday dinner on Rokko mountain.


Hipster on the phone, with a fan to cool off in the peak summer heat.


Coffee Break
Maiko in shouchikuza theater, Osaka. If you've never gone to see Kabuki, do take the chance if you can. It's a lot of fun.


Very little time for anything this autumn. Here a quick phonecam snap of a moth on a grating on my way to work. The color is authentic; the intensely blue morning sky is reflected in the grating.


JR Umeda Station
We take a walk around the recently opened JR Umeda station. Impressive building.


Uniqlo Christmas
The Uniqlo flagship store in Namba runs a Christmas-themed color scheme.


  1. this "last year selection" is a fine idea, to remeber your 2011, your life and photogaphic work.
    As a photoblogger myself, I think I'll borrow your nice idea for the coming years
    thank you for sharing
    from Milan, Italy
    (a medical doctor)

  2. Marco, Hi. Doing a retrospective like this is a lot of fun. The trick — the challenge — is to only allow you one and exactly one image per calendar month. That can be very frustrating when half of your favourite images of the year all fall on the same month, while another month is all but empty of anything worthwhile. But that's part of the challenge.


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