Thursday, December 29, 2011

While I was otherwise preoccupied…

We have been busy with family issues lately, but the fast-paced, exciting world that is Japanese politics never stops. Very briefly, the Noda cabinet is trying to push through a consumption tax increase; as a result of that as well as a number of other issues, a number of lower house DPJ members have quit the party in protest.

Corey Wallace argues that without a functioning LDP, the DPJ is losing its reason to exist and is in real danger of splitting up. It's difficult for me to argue with that. The DPJ started as the not-LDP party, and has no ideological compass to fall back on now that the LDP is defeated. The greater question is whether a more viable set of parties will ever emerge to take the place of the twin trainwrecks that currently vie to not-really-rule Japan. Right now I am not optimistic.

But this is the New Year holidays. Forget about politics for a while. I am going to spend my time enjoying the company of my wife, with food and drink and lazy strolls in the sunshine. I suggest you do the same1.

#1 With your own wife of course; mine is already occupied. Or your own husband. Or significant other in general. A beloved pet is nice too. Just don't take your goldfish for a walk; they don't appreciate it.

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