Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Not Exactly The…

…single best week of our lives, and it's only Tuesday. While we wait for the rest of the week to improve, here's a few recent Osaka shots as a pick-me-up.

Public Works
Young office worker does a bit of paperwork on the road as it were. Crysta shopping mall, Nagahori.

Yodogawa river between Nakanoshima and Umeda.

Hostess on a second-floor hall in Kitashinchi, Umeda.

JR Umeda Station

JR has a new, huge station in Umeda, with malls, exhibition centers and several public plazas. Beautiful, well-designed place.

JR Umeda Station
Platform entrance, JR Umeda station.

JR Umeda Station
View from JR Umeda station. This, by the way, is my new desktop background.

All pictures were taken with a 1970's Minolta SRT-101, using Kodak's new Portra 400 negative film. It takes more time to process and scan, but other than that (a big "other than", to be sure) I find few reasons to recommend a lower-end DSLR over this set-up.


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a bad week so far. Hope it gets better.

    As usual, beautiful photos Janne. Always love your urbanscapes and the Kodak Porta film is beautiful. Vibrant, yet gentle.

    Thanks for always mentioning what you take your pics with. I love classic cameras and film too, but find the processing and scanning a bit cumbersome. But I'd like to get back into it. Would love to hear about your process/workflow for getting your photos processed/scanned/uploaded when you get some time.

    Thanks, ahead of time.

    Terrance in Kobe

  2. Everyone has bad times every one in a while, I too hope it soon gets better. Well, 2 weeks left for christmas.

    That portra looks fantastic! I think that the reputation it has must be true.

    I haven't put my money where my mouth was in the comment about autumn. I'm too busy with school, but soon it will ease, thankfully.

  3. They finally finished the construction work!

  4. Terrandabo, George, I hope it will get better too. We'll know, eventually.

    Godzilla, yep, and it's very impressive. And large; it's easy to get lost in the maze of passages, malls and stuff.


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