Sunday, November 6, 2011

Short Takes

You can track my work habits pretty reliably through this blog. If I am mostly coding or running simulations I write a lot around here. If I'm mostly trying to work on a paper or a presentation this place goes silent. No prices for guessing what I'm currently doing. The silence here gets worse now that I tend to post short notes on Google+ rather than here. I think I would like a way to repost those fragments around here too in some way. As a test, let me post links here to some recent posts of mine. Is it good, unnecessary, or annoying? Please let me know.

  • Vim Turns 20. Vim is a text editor, beloved by many programmers and other people that spend most of their time writing text. It's very powerful one you know it, but the learning curve is quite steep. I love it, and it's one of my main tools.

  • I get a lot of my daily information through RSS feeds. On my laptop I've used Google Reader for years, but after a recent redesign it's become unusable to me. I'm looking at alternatives such as Feedly, but I have not found anything that really works for me yet.

    If anybody has a good suggestion for a news reader, let me know. My main criteria is that I get the feeds in list form (no newspaper-like layout), that syncs with Google Reader, that it is navigable by keyboard and that I be able to go through items feed by feed (or group by group), not just all new items jumbled together in time order.

  • Japanese curry goes well with couscous. If you get tired of always having curry with rice, this is a good alternative. My Madeleine cookies are improving, but I still don't get the light and fluffy consistency I want. Any tips for fluffier Madeleines are very welcome.


  1. Hi Janne,

    I'm Terrance in Kobe. No blog by that name but I have commenteed a few times before. As always, enjoy your blog (and the film camera pics you take).

    A lot of people are complaining about Google's recent overhaul of its online services such as Reader and Mail. My recommendation for an RSS reader is Reeder (double e). It looks great and has great access to web services such as Twitter, Instapaper, Pinboard, etc.

    I'm not 100% positive it'll meet your keyboard navi needs but it does display in list view and allows for keyboard navigation through feeds and indiv. posts. Also, it has a comprehensive set of keyboard shortcuts.

    Overall, I love it and think you should give it a try. I hope it works out for you. It does cost about $10 but I think it's worth it.

    Having written this post I realized something… Reeder is a Mac app with no Windows version. There are iPhone and iPad versions though. I guess I'll hope you're a Mac user f^_^;

  2. Hi, and thanks for the comment!

    I guess I should have said it needs to run on Linux. ^_^ Or as a Firefox extension or online. The one I use for now, Feedly, is an extension.

    I use Newsrob on my phone and tablet, and use Google Reader to sync the versions with each other; that's why I do want Reader support on the desktop too, even if I don't use Google's actual Reader application.

    We do have Macs at home too, as my wife uses them. But as a long-time Linux user I feel more at home there than with either Mac or Windows. As a practical matter they are all about as (un-)friendly today, and it's mostly a matter of what you're used to and prefer.

    And in my case, Linux is the default system for work too, with pretty much all computing clusters and supercomputers using Linux, and a lot of software released primarily or only for Linux.


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