Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's autumn at last. Cool, clear weather; leaves are turning color; Uniqlo is filled with shoppers looking for warm underwear in anticipation of the winter electricity rationing. Not much time to enjoy it this year, though. This time of year always seems to be the busiest as everybody pushes to get things done before the year-end holidays. And this is the last year for this project to there's plenty of extra pressure to get as much definite results as possible out the door in time for project reviews and final reports.

Each year, everybody with a camera is morally obliged to take at least one picture of colorful leaves. This is undoubtedly a leaf. It is arguably quite colorful. I have hereby fulfilled my obligation.

Speaking of autumn: We sometimes drink hot, sweet, spicy wine in Sweden around Christmas. Warm rice wine is moderately popular here in Japan and something I really enjoy. Shōchū or Awamori cut with hot water is another good drink for cold days or chilly evenings. A new variation to me is umeshu and hot water. Very strong, full sweet flavour and it really heats you up. You feel every sip right out to your fingertips; it's like having a portable heater installed in your stomach. Try it.

And on a scientific note, I posted on G+ the other day about a small Youtube film showing just how bad P-values really are for estimating the quality of experimental results. Check it out here. It's well worth seeing.


  1. I love umeshu^^ So I will try this drink soon..wondeful pic of the leave, you make the most athmospheric photographs I've ever seen^^ good luck for your work and project

  2. Autumn again.
    This year it's taken a month more to enter autumn. Last year, by mid October it was rather cold; But this one, until last week, the weather was quite warm. Flowers were blooming again! Well, anecdotical too, I come from a village where it's traditional to pick and eat mushrooms. They grew back in Mid August, and now there's very few! Climate change...

    A year more... Time passes so fast too! By this time 2 years ago I was shooting some Kodachrome. I should get some slide or Ektar and begin shooting colourful stuff again. But I'm having an intensive school year and travelling to my village is not viable. The poor OM-1 is sitting in it's bag seeking some use.

    Despite living in Spain, with it's warm climate, I really like a bit the coldness yet warmth of my mountainside village in November. There's something very spiritual with it.

  3. Ektar is very nice, if a little strict about getting exposure right. This shot was taken with the new Kodak Portra 400, and that one has been a very pleasant surprise too. Don't let your camera mold away. ^_^

  4. just dropping by! nice blog!


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