Monday, October 3, 2011

Oneiric On The Way

A quick note, on this beautiful, finally cool Monday morning: Oneiric Ocelot is coming!


"Huh?" What it means is, Ubuntu Linux, the operating system I've been using for a number of years now, is due to release a new version. This is not a particularly rare occurrence as they release every six months, on the dot. It's a fairly rapid pace, but that's OK; they keep supporting older versions so I usually don't bother upgrading every time. It's a good system, with pretty much anything I need for work and play.

If I never mention this here, why do I mention it this time? Well, I am upgrading (reinstalling, actually — good to clean house now and again) this time, but mostly because I find the countdown banner above kind of cute.

Oh, "Oneiric": Each version has a simple version number like Year.Month, so this one is 11.10 for the release of October 2011. But they also always have a semi-nonsensical code name during development, going alphabetically over time, with a pattern of "Adjective Animal". This coming release is Oneiric Ocelot. The current release is Natty Narwhal, and the one before (that I currently use) is Maveric Meerkat. If you're curious you can find the whole list here.

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