Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stockholm! And a Question

Yes, we're going to Stockholm week after next! It's just for a couple of days, before we move on to Borlänge and my parents, my brother, my new niece and general family business.

We'll spend those few days meeting a couple of people, walking and shopping1. We'll also spend a lot of time eating. There's one single place for ramen in Stockholm and I'd like to go there for lunch one day; it's expensive — twice the price of ramen here in Osaka — but it'd be fun to try.

Here's a question if you happen to live in Stockholm: do you know of a place that does a good Bookmaker Sandwich — and perhaps a Plankstek — in the area around the train station if possible? Preferably a pub-style place rather than a full-on restaurant. I knew of a couple of places once, but that was many years ago and not in that area.

If you know of such a place, please let us know!

#1 Shopping on travel isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be, though. Anything you can find abroad you can find on the internet as well. And many stores are huge chains that sell identical stuff in identical malls anywhere in the world.

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  1. I've seen one other place further south down Birger Jarlsgatan that sells miso ramen. Haven't tried it though and it looked less than stellar.

    The izakaya Blue Light Yokohama migh be an interesting choice as well;

    New York concept Wagamama recently opened, but their menu (besides the chicken katsukare and deserts) is rather bland.


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