Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Disaster Alert

I'm behind at work right now (OK, so when am I not behind?) since I took a vacation just before some project meetings. I have still written not a word about our trip to Sweden; and I have yet to develop the film I shot, nor have I downloaded the pictures from my digital camera. At thid rate you'll probably hear about our late summer trip sometime around Christmas.

But I don't want to leave this blog fallow while I'm busy panicking1. So here is a chilling piece on the environmental risks of pseudoscientific quackery — risks just as real as the quack itself: Homeopathic leak threatens catastrophe.

#1 Will I have good results in time for the meeting? No, not a chance. So why am I even panicking then, when it's doing no good anyhow? Good question.


  1. That was really funny! Based on a true story or more like an Onion piece, I wonder?

  2. Think of Newsbiscuit as a British equivalent to The Onion. The humour tends to be a bit more dry and subtle; I prefer it over the more in-your-face approach of The Onion, though both are really funny.

  3. Oh no! All that dilution!

    Great find.


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