Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Apology

I owe a lot of people here an apology.

Whenever somebody comments on the blog I get sent an email to my Gmail account. I love getting comments, and more often than not I try to answer. I thought there'd been very few comments lately, so I took a look ­— and there's lots of them. And I've missed them all.

What happens is, there's a lot of spam comments to this blog (to every blog, anywhere), and they get caught by Blogger before they're ever published. They still generate an email, though. And with all these spam emails showing up every day, lately Gmail has decided all email about comments on this blog is spam, and moved them directly to the spam folder.

I've missed almost all comments to this blog for the past month. I haven't ignored you, and they're deeply appreciated. I just completely missed them, due to my own inattentiveness. Again, I apologize. If there's anything you think I should answer then feel free to post it right here.


  1. I did felt a bit bad lol...j/k!

    I comment because is something I think should be done after reading, not commenting is kind of rude (I think) but I never expect an answer, but is nice to know you care :-)

  2. I don't feel anybody has to comment on any post — and I never feel I should comment on other peoples posts either, unless I have something to say.

    But I do like comments and getting feedback on a post does feel like a compliment, even when the comment is negative; at least somebody cared enough to criticise it.

    So don't stop by all means ^_^


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