Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About the Blog, By The Way…

You may have noticed that I'm posting more lately than I used to. Our paper has been submitted, so I guess it's not soaking up all my writing energy any more, leaving more writing time for the blog. If that is the reason — and I have no reason to believe otherwise — it means I have some fixed amount of writing I want to or need to do every day, one way or another.

I wonder if the writing time I spend on other websites, on email, on paper reviews, on long-form homework and so on also counts? If so, I probably spend more time writing — in three languages no less — than I spend doing anything else at all in my life. And here I thought I'd left the liberal arts behind when I chose a science career…

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  1. What about your reading...that must be the second most time consuming thing in your life, guess sleeping is over rated lol


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