Thursday, March 3, 2011

Missing My Mug

I broke my coffee mug at work the other day. I'd just washed it, and the wet mug slipped out of my hands and shattered on the floor.

It wasn't expensive or special. Just a plain white ceramic cup with a wide mouth tapering off to a narrow base that made it easy to use, if a touch unstable; I've toppled it more than a few times, with coffee all over my desk as a result. To my surprise I really miss it.

I've had the mug for five years now, at three different labs, and used it every day at work. Never really thought about it - I don't even have a picture - but I guess I just got used to the mug, and now it's gone.

I brought another mug from home, one I got at the Cup Noodle museum a few years back; it's nice, but it's not the same. It'll take a while. We really do get attached to things, don't we?


  1. Marcin Śmidow03 March, 2011 15:06

    I agree with You.
    My wife was angry when she found out that I took her favorite big KFC mug to work :).

    Btw - I saw your photo in Chris Wilsons blog yesterday. I thought "I know this guy!". Reading two blogs from Japan and you happen to know each other. The world is a small place...

  2. He came to Kansai and asked if I wanted to help hold a strobe for a photo shoot. Which I wanted, naturally. It was fun, and it's always really instructive to see how a professional works.

    We've been in contact before, though this is the first time we've met. Chris' Japan pictures and his blog is the reason I took a serious look at the Pentax 67 when I was looking for medium-format gear.

  3. Mikael Niklasson03 March, 2011 23:50

    I used to change my mug alot, but the last years it has been a stainless steel thermos mug. Two good things with it. It looks like a normal mug and not like one of those thermos mugs that looks like a kids first mug and it simply wont break if i drop it :-D

  4. Här har du nååt!

  5. I've considered a steel mug too, but I've never found one that I really like. They're either too small - more like a coffee cup than a mug - or they're big mugs with a lid designed to go with you in a car rather than sit decorously on your desk.

    Of course, with my history of spilling (half the papers on my desk look like yellowed parchment unearthed from some archaeological dig), a lid may not be a bad thing...

    Per, I would seriously consider that mug if it really existed. ^_^ Or, if I had a spare film developing tank it'd look pretty cool as a coffee mug too. Not that too many people today would even realize what it is...

  6. Hey, i had this towel since forever, 10 or 12 years i guess, not even the prettiest of towels, but you know i kind of got used to it.

    So when someone stole it while i was travelling, i was kind of sad...

    why would someone steal such an old and crummy looking towel? why!


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