Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kare Ramune

"Ramune" is an old word for lemonade, and "Curry Lemonade" or "Curry Soda" is exactly what it sounds like. Ritsuko came home one day recently with this bottle of curry-flavoured soda. The drinks market is fiercely competitive in Japan, and companies release a constant stream of odd drinks. They're usually novelty items, on sale for a limited time and often in a limited area. If something turns out to be popular it may get wider distribution, and once in a while a new drink may actually become a permanent country-wide fixture.

Curry Lemonade

Curry Lemonade

Curry Lemonade is not such a product. We speculated about the taste before opening it. I thought it'd have a neutral sweet flavour but a curry-like smell and I was close. The smell is spicy, thick and hot; similar to Garam Masala, the spicy Indian spice mix. it prepares you for something peppery and hot, but the flavour is mild and sweet, with only a hint of (I think) cardamom. Me, I'd have preferred a slightly more adult taste, with more spice and less sugar.

It's not bad all but it is a novelty drink. Do try it once, but once or twice is enough.

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