Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Contacts and Homepages

Contact Lenses:

I've rejoined the contact lens brigade again, after a seven-year hiatus. I used, then gave up on contact lenses a few times while living in Lund, and when I came to Japan I gave up altogether. I have astigmatism and contacts just don't give me as good vision as glasses do. Now that I have presbyopia too it's even worse. I could never use contacts on a daily basis. So why have I gotten contact lenses again?

Contact lenses are really convenient at times. When I went snowboarding, things would have been much easier with contacts. Same thing for swimming, or visiting an onsen, or any other activity where your glasses would be in the way, would get dirty or steamed up, or would risk getting lost.

But that means using contacts perhaps a few times per month. When I had monthly contacts that wasn't an option. Once you opened a new pair they were good for a month and a half whether you used them or not. Using them only once or twice in that time would have been an expensive luxury. But today the one-day lenses are pretty inexpensive and convenient; I can get a monthly lens pack that will keep for years and use a pair whenever I need to. And since you throw them away there's no need for cleaning or storage or any of the rest.

Home Pages:

Now, a question: do anybody have a recommendation for setting up a simple homepage? I've changed labs and projects fairly frequently so I have never bothered setting up an actual page, but I feel it's time to make one now. At the very simplest I'd just like somewhere I can upload a single static web page, and possibly a few PDF files (a couple of research papers and perhaps my CV).

Ideally it'd be either here in Japan, or in Sweden. I don't mind paying a small monthly sum if I need to, but then it really has to be Japan or Sweden only. If I can get my own domain name then so much the better - but I don't want to spend a large amount of time, money and effort on keeping stuff running, and I don't want to get into trouble if I want to move the domain somewhere else in the future. Hassle-free is important.

So, anybody have a recommendation?


  1. If you really are looking for nothing more than a place to put a static web page and some pdfs, Google sites (https://sites.google.com/) works fine for me.

  2. Google is a good idea - completely forgot about that. Can you store and link to pdf:s though?

  3. I have a derelict google sites page, originally created when it was googlepages. Attaching docs of various types works, though I have not tried PDF in particular.


  4. keep it Real....


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