Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Beard Rule

According to Mainichi news, the city of Isesaki has banned the wearing of beards by male employees (females are presumably still allowed to wear them). The reasons cited is that citizens may find beards "unpleasant", and that as civil servants they need to keep up appearances.

I certainly don't mind; it's not as if I lack other reasons to be unfit for public service. And if beards don't maintain proper decorum in the eyes of the good citizens of Isesaki, I doubt that a pony-tail and sandals would be wildly popular either.


  1. I'm sorry, that's just a bit... strange. Why single out the guys when normally, it's them who have beards? Haha! It's refreshing to see a bureaucracy so concerned with providing 'the best service' available though. ::)

  2. That may just be the newspaper reports though; I have no idea if the actual city rule specifically mentions men or if they just speak of employees.


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