Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring is over, Golden Week is here

Spring ends and summer finally begins. Golden Week is coming up along with several days of good weather. We're going on an overnight trip to Toba in Mie prefecture in eastern Kansai. It's the home of cultured pearls and pearl diving, and there's a good aquarium too if we have time. Should be fun.

I haven't really posted pictures in a while, so here's a selection from this spring.

The Wait

Sakaisuji Honmachi station, and a fellow commuter.


Hazy day along the Kobe waterfront. In the background Kobe Port Tower covered in scaffolding while it's being repainted.

Port Tower

The scaffolding is removed a few weeks later, and the freshly-painted tower re-emerges.


I've been doing a fair bit of work-related travel. Here a railway bridge in Kanda, Tokyo.


Shinagawa station, Tokyo.

Nagai Park

Osaka has a number of parks that are great to visit during spring and summer. Here a cosy area in Nagai park, south Osaka.


Pink, late-blooming cherry blossoms in Nagai, Osaka.


  1. Nice pictures! Do you edit your pictures, and if yes, what program do you use?

  2. Of course I edit them. You can't not edit them if you want to put them online after all. "I don't edit my pictures" today really means "I let my pictures be edited according to the taste of some anonymous engineering group that decided on the default settings for my camera or scanner."

    I do a straight scan using Vuescan (decent scanning results, bad postprocessing, horrible interface). Then I use UFRaw to do the overall settings like brightness, contrast, color correction, rescaling and so on. Lastly I use Gimp for detailed stuff like removing dust, reducing grain if needed (I usually don't), sharpening and cropping.


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