Friday, September 19, 2008

Aomori Holiday

We're going on an overnight trip to Aomori on Saturday and Sunday. We'll be meeting a friend of Ritsuko's, eat lots of fish and perhaps go up the Hakk┼Źda mountain, weather permitting. Which is a little doubtful as Typhoon #13 is right in the neighbourhood. We haven't had one single typhoon in Osaka all season, but this one has to show up just in time to potentially derail our trip. We've been worrying about this one since last weekend, and early in the week it seemed it'd hit Osaka head on just when we were due to fly. Today it seems the coast is clear; the typhoon will pass by well south of Osaka this afternoon and be gone in time for the flight, so we should be fine. And with a typhoon out as sea, the weather in Aomori should be unsettled and interesting - a good thing, as it makes for better pictures than boring blue skies.

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