Saturday, June 14, 2008


We're off. Finnair has a direct flight between Osaka and Helsinki, so we'll be staying in Helsinki for two nights, fly to Stockholm for one night and finally to Borlänge where we'll celebrate Midsummer with various far-flung members of our family that will get to meet each other for the first time. If you've never heard of Borlänge, by the way, don't fret; you're not actually missing anything.

This means I'm basically off the net for a while. To make sure this blog doesn't go totally silent, though, I have queued up a couple of old posts from my previous blog; hopefully they'll show up when they're supposed to. I'm leaving the comments unmoderated as well. It will be good to get away for a while, and with the rainy season in full swing this seems like an excellent time to leave Osaka for a week.


  1. Glad midsommar! And have a safe trip — although perhaps not necessarily in strictly that order.

    In case you are monitoring the comments, I might as well mention that I'm practically next door to where you'll be. So if you'd like to meet with the local Japanese community, such as it is (single-digits tiny), or just grab a fika some day, feel free to get in touch. (I believe you already have my email address.)

    I'm thinking of applying to an exchange student program in the region too; consider yourself warned.

  2. A pleasant surprise to hear you have family in the first town I lived and studied in after moving out of my parents home years ago.

    Trevlig resa och glad midsommar!

    Claes, that Swedish geographer


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