Monday, June 23, 2008


We're back. Borlänge-Osaka is a pretty long trip (22 hours, door to door) and I'm desperately fighting jetlag so I'm not going to attempt any kind of coherent post tonight. We had fun, which is what matters, and got to celebrate a real midsummer.

Bäsingen steamship dressed up for midsummer.


  1. Hey Janne. Long time no see. Congratulation on your marrige. For myself I am nearing the end of my PHD thesis (and instead of writing - as iI should do - I am browsing the Internet). The dissertation is set on the 22 of november.

    /Stefan Nyzell

  2. The dissertation is set on the 22 of november.

    Congratulations! Though I kind of thought you'd graduated already :) Send me a copy if you can; I don't know much history but it's fun collecting theses from people I know.


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