Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day and as every year, Ritsuko gave me a little something:

Chocolates and a Line prepaid card. The heart knows what it wants.

The chocolates are really tasty; each one is a different experience, with contents ranging from whiskies to fruit liquours. I'm having several weeks of enjoyment from these!

The other thing was a 1000-yen Line prepaid card. Line, for those that aren't familiar with it, is the most popular messaging app by far here in Japan, with group chats, phone and video calls, news, games and even a cashless payment service. And stickers.

Stickers are insanely popular. Large stickers, small stickers, animated stickers, customizable stickers... You get some for free, but if you want more you buy them. Anybody can put up sticker sets on the service, and some sticker creators manage to make a full-time living from Line stickers.

I've only every used the default selection. That marks me as a tight-fisted cheapskate, and the prepaid card is a not-very-subtle nudge to just get myself some fresh sticker packs already. Which I have! They were fun to select and they're fun to use. Might have to get some more...

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