Friday, July 19, 2019


So I go to work this morning, and just as I get to my desk, our car emails me to tell me I forgot to lock the door. I had parked by the outside wall of the parking garage and the key fob has a fairly long range, so fortunately I could walk over and lock it from the ground without having to climb two floors.

The future has a way of creeping up on us without noticing.

LED lights is another revolutionary change we don't even think about. But it's almost as big a change as going to electric bulbs from gas and oil was a century ago.

Apparently the future still includes propeller aircraft and disembarking right onto the runway. This makes me irrationally happy.


  1. Couldn't you just reply to the e-mail saying "please lock yourself"?

  2. Unfortunately not. For security and safety reasons you can't operate the car in any way if you're not in close range of it. You could imagine, for instance, that my wife left the car with windows open on purpose, then I close them remotely without knowing she had a reason to leave them open.


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