Monday, June 18, 2018

Earthquake in Osaka

Strong earthquake in Osaka this morning, Shindo 6+ at the strongest and about Shindo 5 right where we live:

The red "X" is the epicenter (M5.9), and our place is just southwest of that. Fortunately, we're both in Okinawa right now.

Damage in Osaka city seems to be only moderate, with power outages, stuff falling  from shelves, some injuries and lots of people stuck in elevators. The area between Osaka and Kyoto was hardest hit, with some fires and a few deaths. A couple of relatives — Ritsuko's cousin and her husband — live on a mountainside in that area. They're most likely fine, but I'll relax once we can confirm that.

Our remaining worry is the state of our place in Osaka. We have been fairly good at putting things away and anchoring furniture, but I suspect Ritsuko will still have a bit of cleaning up to do when she next returns.

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