Monday, December 25, 2017

The Holidays Are Upon Us

Winter holidays! I'd say Christmas, but it was 26 degrees and sunny this weekend. Mangrove and coral reefs are not conducive to a proper Christmas mood.

We're spending New Year in Osaka again this year. Will be great to revisit our favourite eating places in Osaka and Kobe, do some shopping and just generally wander about. Naha and Okinawa is very nice, but it feels good to spend some time in a big city now and again.

Meanwhile, here are some random Tokyo pictures. I spent a couple of days there earlier this autumn for some work-related training. Brought a film camera (my flawed-but-beautiful Rollei 35S) and a roll of BW film. This really is one of my favourite set-ups.

JR loop line in Tokyo. Many stations still have this cool old-style riveted steel-beam construction.

Office worker descending a staircase.

Lunch time. It's strange and interesting to see how much style differs even within a single country. In Osaka, office workers have fairly wide range of styles, and in Okinawa most people sport Kariyushi shirts in a riot of colours for much of the year. But in Tokyo it's all the same severe, dreary white shirt and black pants, with no personality or variation allowed.

Ochanomizu station. I always neglect to bring a tripod when I take my small cameras with me. With a big medium-format camera a tripod weirdly feels less of a hassle; the camera is already so big and heavy that a tripod doesn't add much. So I end up improvising support for pictures like this, propping the camera up on railings, tree branches or right on the pavement.

Crossing trains. Near Ochanomizu station.

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  1. Nice pics Janne... why not print a BW-fotobook of yours best shoots, it costs not much to day. (We print every year a calendar with my and my mother-in-law's pics)


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